Buy your NFT J. #1

JAGVI.Rive Gauche, its NFTs are now available from May 2023, around its iconic "earth" t-shirt in an exclusive "rainbow" version.

"Discover The NFT J. Experience" The 4 Benefits

A numbered "rainbow earth" virtual NFT and its organic cotton t-shirt

Become the owner of an NFT, a true digital passport, illustrating the “Rainbow Earth”; it can be embroidered (if its holder wishes) on an organic cotton t-shirt, sustainable, eco-designed and made to measure in a short circuit.

The Rive Gauche Experience

Meet the founders of the brand in an emblematic place on boulevard saint germain, a stone's throw from the brand's headquarters.

A preview

Take part in a preview of the presentation of the spring summer 2024 collection during fashion week in June 2023 in its showroom.

Contribution to circular fashion

Act by solidar donating to the Fédération de la Mode Circulaire, or 10% of the value of the NFT.

Our ambition: Bring together our ethical and circular fashion with web 3.

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NFT launch price:
150 euros


Born in Paris, Left Bank, JAGVI. Rive Gauche is driven by one desire: to get off the beaten track.
Discover our values ​​which convey an ethical message through each of our creations.